Project Management

Project Phases

To ensure our success, pride in our workplace and high moral, we are committed to achieving our goals through adherence to strict project management procedure. Our Project Management has defined phases as following:

Project Management Consideration

To deliver a project successfully we value and following. Each item has defined criteria and to be addressed separately so that they get equal attention:

People - We maintain a high-caliber workforce.
  • We attract and retain people with the best qualifications, skills, aptitudes and attitudes that match our long-term requirements and work culture.
  • We are trained and qualified to be proficient in our jobs.
  • The development of appropriate technical, interpersonal and team skills is a shared responsibility among each employee.
  • We are responsible for effective knowledge transfer, skills development and succession planning.
  • Developmental and job opportunities are known and accessible to all employees.
  • We are committed to continuous learning.
Partnership - Mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers and our workers
  • The highest standards of ethical behavior are followed in all of our dealings.
  • We understand and anticipate our Customer’s needs and capabilities, and help them plan for future requirements.
  • Suppliers and other workers are recognized as an extension of our team.
  • We support and encourage community involvement.





  • Requirements are clearly defined, communicated and understood.
  • We strive for error-free work and defect prevention.
  • Variances are detected and permanently corrected at the source, Ensuring that defects do not escape to the customer.
  • Continuous improvement is designed into every aspect of our business.
  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  • We do not compromise quality.
Communication - We take time to listen and ensure understanding.
  • Information is understanding, ownership.
  • shared to maximize commitment and Communication is clear, timely, honest, accurate and takes place directly between concerned parties.
  • We constructively feedback.
Process - Our success is based on defined process
  • We make optimal use of resources and adhere to defined processes.
  • We strive for simplicity and ease-of-use in the Technical Field. Processes and systems are understood and developed with input from those responsible for execution.
  • We use tools, technology and processes best suited to sustain our competitive advantage.
Environment - We take pride in our workplace
  • Each of us is obligated to maintain a safe, clean, healthy and secure work environment.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We protect the environment.