Civil Works & Construction

Civil Works is about designing and constructing BTS sites, Core room, Electrical Substation, brick room shelter, building structure, Power works such as underground cable works, overhead cable works, power line construction, MDB supply & installation and readying them for the installation of network equipment. Azmiry’s Civil Works service provides a solution for the detailed design and construction of the required environment and surrounding infrastructure and for providing utilities for network equipment. Including Tower design, supply & installation.

The Civil Works service is country-specific and accommodates local factors, such as local conditions and regulations, topography, geology, building codes, environmental, health and safety regulations and infrastructure. We provide services including partners, consultants and suppliers.

Azmiry has the experience and knowledge of how to engage and manage the reputation of our customer.


  • Tower design works.
  • Tower Supply.
  • Tower foundation & erection.
  • BTS brick shelter construction & structural works.
  • Telecom accessories supply.
  • Steel Pole supply.
  • Mounting kit Supply.
  • Aluminum Ladder supply.
  • Building interior decoration.
  • Firefighting system & access control system.
  • Light, medium & heavy engineering construction.